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In my 30+ years of practicing family law, I've perfected the uncontested

divorce.   With our unique process I can save you hundreds, if not

thousands of dollars over what other attorneys charge.     

For cooperating couples we offer several different levels of service to

suit any budget.   For those wanting to economize, we prepare all your

paperwork for you AND we take care of
filing it with the Court...

all for just $299.  *   You may not even have to appear in court!    Some

lawyers charge upwards of $2500 for an uncontested divorce.  

Considering the value of your own time, you can't even do it your-self

for less.    

Mr. Calder personally prepares your documents, assuring that they

are done properly.   And he stands behind his work by guaranteeing

that it will be acceptable to the Courts, or your money back.

For those couples who need a little help arriving at an agreement,

Mr. Calder can assist in your negotiations as mediator on a time-

based fee arrangement.   Call for details about that if interested.

We make the process easy for you:

1st   Fill out our
secure online questionnaire

2nd  Sign the documents we prepare for you

3rd   Return the documents to us for filing with the court  **

In approximately 90 days your case will be final.   

Questions?   Give us a call at 303 751-9462.
* ...$499 if you have children under 19.  These fees are based upon you submitting your information using our secure online questionnaire and
taking delivery of your documents via email.   If you prefer to meet in person the fees for this service are $499 without children and $699 with
children.    The court filing fee is not included.  
**  With this service Mr. Calder is providing unbundled document preparation services only and, unless specific arrangements for representation
are made in writing, does not represent either party.  It is your responsibility to obtain independent legal advice if you have any questions about the
substantive law or your rights.  This process is intended for simple cases and is not a substitute for individual legal representation in appropriate
instances.   The fees are "flat fees", not time based, so they will not be higher than stated unless you request additional services or changes to the
paperwork after it is completed, in which case a modest revision fee will apply.   Fees are considered earned and non-refundable once your
paperwork has been prepared regardless of reconciliation of the parties, a party's refusal to sign the papers, or abandonment of the case.
It is the parties' responsibility to prepare, sign and record any real estate deeds.  Likewise any car titles.  We do not do those unless special
arrangements are made in advance for additional cost.   
Parties Without Children
Parties With Children