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    Step 1 -  Complete the simple questionnaire below and press the "submit" button.  You'll
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    via email.*

    Step 2 -  You and your spouse sign and mail the documents back to us.  We'll take care of filing
    them with the court for you.   

    Step 3 -   90 days after we file you'll receive your final Decree in the mail from the Court - you
    won't even need to go to court! **  It's that easy.
    * Your paperwork will come with easy to follow instructions to guide you through signing the
    ** If you live in El Paso County, unfortunately, they require you to attend one brief "orientation"
    meeting at the courthouse soon after the case is filed, sorry.  

    Questionnaire -  be sure to answer all the questions that apply.   When you're finished hit
    the "submit" button.   Your information is transmitted over a SECURE [ssl] server that encrypts
    it for your protection.   
1.  YOUR full name [you will be "Petitioner"], COMPLETE address including City and County, date
of birth, and tell us if you are currently in the military.
2.  Your home and/or cell phone numbers and email address.
3.  Your SPOUSE'S full name [he/she will be Co-petitioner], COMPLETE address including City and
County, date of birth, and tell is if he/she is currently in the military.
4.  Co-petitioner's home and/or cell phone numbers and email address.
5.  How long has Petitioner lived in Colorado?  [one of you, it doesn't matter which, must have lived
here at least 90 days to proceed]
6.  How long has Co-petitioner lived in Colorado?
7.  Is Wife pregnant?   "Yes" or "no".
8.  Do you both waive spousal support or maintenance?   "Yes" or "no".  If "no", set forth the terms of
your agreement as to spousal support.
9.  Date and place (city and state) of marriage.
10.  Date of separation.
11.  Do you, together or separately, own any real estate (house, condo, vacant land etc.,)?   "Yes" or
"no".   If  "yes" please tell us your agreement with respect to it.
12.  With regard to your tangible personal effects, furniture, appliances, etc., check the appropriate
box below:
We will each retain what we now have.

We will prepare a "his and hers" list and
attach it to the divorce agreement after
it is sent to us.
13.  Please tell us how you are handling your non-retirement financial accounts [example:  each
keeping his/her own; or tell us how you will be dividing them].
14.  Please tell us how you are handling your debts [example:  each paying his/her own; some other     
15.  Who will receive which automobile [please provide makes, models & years - the Court requires
this info], and who will be paying any loans .
16.  Regarding retirement accounts, do you have any?  "Yes" or "no".   If "yes", what is your
agreement as to retirements?   [example:  you each retain your own; equally divide the marital
portions; etc.,]  
[Note: if your agreement calls for funds to be transferred from one spouse to the other, you will need a
"Qualified Domestic Relations Order" prepared for you.  There are additional fees for that service.   If applicable, you will be
contacted to discuss the process and fees and charges associated with it.
17.  Tax matters:  Tell us how you want to file the next tax return:   Joint or Separate?   To file Joint you
must still be married on the last day of the tax year in question.    Also tell us...if
Joint, how you will
divide any refund or additional taxes due?   If
Separate, how are you apportioning any deductions
such as real estate interest, real estate taxes, etc.       
18.  Does Wife want her former name restored?   "Yes" or  "no".  If "yes", please provide the full
name to which she wishes to restore it.
19.  Are there any restraining orders or protection orders, now or in the past between you?   "Yes" or
"no".  If "yes", please provide the court name, case No., date, and name of the protected party.
20.  Has anyone in your family received child support enforcement services or social services such as
food stamps, public assistance etc., within the past 5 years?   "Yes" or "no".   If "yes", please provide
the dates, the type of services, county, case number and name(s) of recipients.
21.  Please enter Petitioner's gross (before tax) monthly income.
22.  Please enter Co-petitioner's gross (before tax) monthly income.

We accept payment by Credit/Debit Card, [Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover].

Please fill out the credit/debit card form below.  
We use a SECURE [ssl] server so your information is guaranteed safe.

[If you prefer you may provide your credit/debit card
information telephonically by calling 303 751-9462.  We can also accept your check or money order by mail]

OUR TOTAL FEE IS $299 * [plus $5 for postage]
*[excludes court filing fee presently $230]
We will collect the filing fee from you later
when you return you signed paperwork to us
for filing so please do not pay it now.
Payment by Credit Card

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Credit Card  ONLY - for
your security we will
contact you shortly to
obtain the rest of the

code on the back

Expiration date

Billing address incl. Zip

Transaction amount

Date of transaction

(by typing
your name you thereby
authorize this transaction)

Mr. Calder is providing unbundled document preparation services only and does not
represent either party.  It is your responsibility to obtain independent legal advice if
either of you has any questions about the substantive law or your rights.  This process
is intended for simple cases only and is not a substitute for individual legal
representation in appropriate cases.   The fees are "flat fees", not time based, so they
will not be higher than stated unless you request changes to the paperwork after it has
been completed, in which case a modest modification charge will apply.  Fees are
considered earned and non-refundable once your paperwork has been prepared
regardless of reconciliation of the parties, a party's refusal to sign the papers, or
abandonment of the case by you.

If Wife is having her former name restored it will be necessary for her to have the final
Decree certified by the clerk of the court after the case is concluded.  That can be done
by Wife in person or by mail and there is a modest fee charged by the clerk to do so.

It is the responsibility of the parties to prepare, sign and record any real estate deeds
necessary.  Likewise any car titles.  We do not do those unless special arrangements
have been made in advance at additional cost.

By pressing the "submit" button you are
thereby agreeing with the fees and all of the
terms and conditions set forth above.
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