What Our Clients Say

"Mr. Calder was very professional, both in and out of court. He was well prepared and very skilled at what he does. He came highly recommended and I have no reservations recommending him to others."
Janet O.
"When I first came to Mr. Calder, I was coming off a controlling marriage. He not only helped me immensely through a difficult divorce, he helped me learn how to deal with my former spouse too."
Mary D.
"Mr. Calder is very caring when it came to the children. His honesty and frankness were appreciated. Some lawyers will tell you whatever you want to hear, even if it isn't what you need to hear."
Steve L.
"I really liked that Mr. Calder went out of his way to try and keep fees down."
Chris V.
"...it was an emotional time. I feel like [he] helped keep things from escalating. Mr. Calder was more than willing to talk settlement but watched out for me all the way."
Melissa D.
Highlands Ranch

Comments About Our No Conflict "Uncontested Divorce" Process

"...I was pleasantly surprised. For the price, I expected a "bait & switch," but it was everything I was told it would be...and more."
Phillip C.
"...fast, efficient, hassle-free, it worked like a charm."
Austin S.
"I was skeptical at first, partly due to the price and partly due to how easy it was supposed to be,...it seemed too good to be true. Well, it is true and I couldn't have been more satisfied."
Jesus E.
"I can say without reservation that this was the wisest money I have ever spent."
Jeannette G.
Matthew S.
"We tried doing it ourselves...whew what a mess, then we came across Mr. Calder's website and boy are we glad we did."
Rebecca F. & Mark F.
"I liked knowing that a lawyer was doing our paperwork, not some paralegal. When I had questions, Mr. Calder was right there with the answers."
Sean R.
"...man do I wish I had found this BEFORE I spent hours and hours trying to do this myself."
Stephen O.
Highlands Ranch
"Where was [he] when I got my first divorce?"
Kimberly C.
Castle Rock